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Where will be hosted my digital magazine?

One of the things to take in consideration for calculating the fee for pubishing with Qiü Magazine on tablets and Smartphones is the ammount of downloads.

These downloads could be of the App for the first time, and then, each issue's download from the App.

Each download requires the access to Qiü Magazine servers by those App markets where you are published: Appstore, Google Play, etc...

Qiü Magazine content managemet System is exclusively connected with our server, and when you upload a new pdf with contents to publish on your App for Apple or Android, it is automatically hosted in our server.

Once your digital magazine is ready to be published, you'll have a "publishing into the App" button available on your Content Management  system.

With this button, your magazine will be available to download. when someone downloads your App or a new issue of your magazine. The App Market where it has been downloaded enter into our server and take every data of your magazine to put it on the device of the person who downloads it.

As you can read in this page "How much does Qiü Magazine cost?", Qiü Magazine pricing depends on the data traffic form our servers.

Our team will publish your first publication and will teach you how to publish yourself your magazine until the second. You'll discover is an mazing an easy-to-use digital publishing software.