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Can I publish several digital magazines or catalogs with Qiü Magazine?

Yes, many of our costumers are periodical publications that would be interested on uploading some past issues to their App. That's why Qiü Magazine offers the possibility to upload theirself, by paying an extra, the issues they need: Past ones and new ones.

Everytime you upload a new issue, Qiü Magazine includes a functionality to send "push up" notifications to those who have downloaded the App.

You will be able to notify them on their devices that they can download or buy a new issue from the App.

We work with many Publishing companies. We develop for them mainly our product "Newstand App" letting you upload on their own App every magazine, newspaper or digital brochures they distribute. "Push notifications" option will be available too for notifying your Newstand App's users when new magazines are on sale.